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Supplied and Installed Complete Packages of Door, Trim and Hardware for over 200,000 Homes

The doors are manufactured using MDF and Fingerjoint Pine. 

Super quick and efficient way of installing doors since the Pre-Hung is able to slide in where the door belongs. 

The installation time is approximately 15 minutes 








2D Sketches of our Pre-Hungs

All Required Pieces

It includes a top piece, a right-side piece with 2 hinge compartments and a left-side piece with a door lock compartment. 

Finished Product

This is the complete product when the 3 pieces are assembled. It fits ricorrec

Installation Under 15 Minutes! 

The Final



No need to wait for long installation processes. 

No need for a mess in the house.

The Pre-Hung Doors will give your home the Unique look you want! 

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Able to Purchase Products from what we have In-Stock to all the Products our Suppliers Sell. 


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