Anything white when it comes to interior design provides a sense of cleanliness to a room. White has always been known as a royal shade that emits a sense of elegance and purity to anything embracing that color. This TrimLite interior door is specifically a shaker panel door made out of MDF material that comes in a primed finish with a diffused white laminate texture. Complete any room with a whitening door such as this one and finish your interior redesign projects now!

Bifold #8405 MDF Primed w/ Diffused White Laminate


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Return Policy: 

48 hour return if and only if the product is in 100% good condition. 
Cannot take back any products damaged, scratched, used, installed. 
20% restock fee will be applied if returned. 
All products sold by Ganiva Trim Carpentry will remain the property of Ganiva Trim Carpentry until paid in full.  

Shipment (Doors and Trim Only): 

If order exceeds a value of $4000, the delivery cost will be free.
Delivered in all of GTA. 
Price of delivery, if order is below $4000, will be $400. 
Damage to product during transit will be reported directly to the customer and Ganiva Trim Carpentry.

Terms and Conditions

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