About Us

Since 1973, Ganiva has been supplying doors, trim and hardware to Ontario home builders and owners. 

In 2002, Ganiva started working in the high rise sector. Our reputation for excellence, pride, and commitment is second to none. We pride ourselves to maintain great relationships with our customers and suppliers. We use quality materials and have a huge line of premium wood moldings and doors to meet all your needs. We take every job and make it a personal mission to complete it as quickly and accurately as possible. We are innovative and we bring the leading edge products to our customers.


Our showroom is open to everyone. We carry a huge line of products in our inventory and most products that are not in stock can be shipped within 7 days. 

Our design team can help make your house into your custom home.

Please come see us at: 361 Applewood Cres, Vaughan, ON, L4K 4J3.

  • Delivery of products is also available when requested 

    • see below for more details ​




With the use of high-endurance machines, Ganiva's manufacturing facility produces quality-enhanced products for the customer. We can supply all types of products with various types of woods and special trim moldings. 

The manufacturing system in-store allows for an efficient way for customers to order in custom trim and doors due to the convenience of material and parts. 





Located in the city of Vaughan, Ganiva is able to supply to customers anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, with a quick and easy delivery service. Whether its for pick-up or deliver, we ensure the product will be ready when you need it. 

Being supplied from various companies such as Metrie, Trimlite, Weiser and many more companies allows for the customer to expand their searching of the right product. Being supplied by 

  1. On time and quick delivery

  2. Products created with the best-quality raw lumber in store

  3. Large variety of in-stock selection due to the large manufacturing 

  4. Efficient when customers want to purchase custom trim and door products