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For the builders, they would want high-quality raw material so there aren't any flaws, which in turn reduces their time and saves money. At Ganiva, we offer high-endurance material to manufacture the products in order for the builders to install it accordingly,

When speaking with the staff members about what products are offered and at what quantity they are being asked for, Ganivas experienced, professional and efficient staff make it easier for the customers to communicate their final request. Their main goal is to put the correct order of the correct product and quantity.

Due to the various companies we are supplied from, it gives the builder and customer an opportunity to explore unique designs and options for your perfect home. 

Able to deliver in all of Ontario, supplying each product to each customer. 

You dream it, we create it. We never leave our customers dissatisfied with the products we are producing, which is why Ganiva has a reputable name in the business. 

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Return Policy: 

48 hour return if and only if the product is in 100% good condition. 
Cannot take back any products damaged, scratched, used, installed. 
20% restock fee will be applied if returned. 
All products sold by Ganiva Trim Carpentry will remain the property of Ganiva Trim Carpentry until paid in full.  

Shipment (Doors and Trim Only): 

If order exceeds a value of $4000, the delivery cost will be free.
Delivered in all of GTA. 
Price of delivery, if order is below $4000, will be $400. 
Damage to product during transit will be reported directly to the customer and Ganiva Trim Carpentry.

Terms and Conditions

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